About Us CarralSierra is a strategic communications consulting firm that helps clients position themselves and strengthen their relationship with both internal and external stakeholders.

CarralSierra is a reliable advisor focused on results, while supporting businesses, organizations and individuals in the development and implementation of strategies to overcome the communication and reputation challenges they face. This enables clients to effectively promote their operations, products, services and ideas among their audiences.
Leadership At CarralSierra, we provide a valuable client service with the support, insight and expertise extended by our partners, both in the private and public sectors, as well as locally and internationally. Our job as an agency is to build bridges between our clients and their audiences, through the engagement and understanding of all stakeholders, in different industries.

Magdalena Carral
Founding Partner

José Manuel Sierra
Founding Partner

Corporate Communications Successful communication strategies determine agendas, effectively position messages and share information; thereby resulting in strong business relationships between people and organizations, improved ties, strong reputations and a more competitive engagement. This brings about positive results and, ultimately, helps organizations’ ideas become more credible in order to help them keep thriving.

We strive to meet our clients’ demands in the energy, industrial, financial, technology and infrastructure sectors by helping them to build and execute their strategic communication plans. Our company helps its clients reach out to relevant stakeholders, such as shareholders, employees, clients, public officials, regulators, policymakers, general public and local communities.
Financial Communications Our experience and expertise allows us to develop a better understanding of the most complex issues in our field and to expand or adjust exposure and visibility among multiple target audiences. Our expertise includes supporting financial organizations, and advising clients from global leaders to boutique firms in the positioning process of their day to day operations; including listings, M&A, crisis management, new product and service launches, and annual and quarterly report.

Our client portfoilio in the financial services industry includes private equity firms, asset management firms, Banks, Pension fund management firms, investment funds, insurance companies, among others.
Crisis Management and Critical Issues Having a trusted and experienced partner is crucial in times of crisis. We provide the expertise required and are always ready to implement communication plans that encompass all of the necessary tools to address the concerns of key stakeholders, to control any damage done to a company’s reputation, and ensure the continuing success and operation of the organization in the medium and long term.

Whether it is through preventive or corrective strategies, we help companies face regulatory audits, litigation, labor disputes, management or structural transitions and other unexpected internal or external events that may impact business plans and images, working together with investors’ committees, legal partners, and management and security teams.
Public Relations In today’s world, positioning messages or impacting the agenda of investors,  regulators, media outlets, opinion leaders, NGOs, communities and other audiences, demands a deep insight into relevant events, public debates, stakeholders’ maps and position statements, as well as quick access to target audiences and decision makers, and an effective management of communication processes and tools.

From the planning of a press conference to the organization of an event or an international congress, to the content and channel development, branding concepts, advisory on advertising budgets and MKT strategies, our consulting services and proven contact and suppliers’ network allow us to offer integral and competitive solutions and to contribute to their efficient implementation.
Digital and Social Media We help companies, organizations, individuals and brands build a digital presence, aligning efforts to the rest of the communication initiatives and to the business objectives. We create and develop strategies to successfully share the best, most accurate, and timely information in social media, protecting and strengthening the image of our clients.